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The Board of Architectural Examiners has amended LAC 46:I.1525 pertaining to the name of an architectural firm when a named member dies or retires.  The last sentence of LAC 46:I.1525 previously contained language suggesting that the name of the firm needed to be changed if a named member died or retired.   The last sentence has been amended to clarify that, upon the death or retirement of a named firm member, the firm letterhead and website should be changed to show the status of the deceased or retired member.  The firm name does not need to be changed.  The change to the firm letterhead and website should occur no later than one year following the retirement or death.


The amendment to LAC 46:I.1525 makes clear that an architectural firm name may include the real name or names of one or more living, deceased, or retired members of the firm, or the name of a predecessor firm in a continuing line of succession, provided the status of the deceased or retired member is clearly shown on the firm letterhead and website.  The status of any deceased or retired named member may be shown by using the words “retired” or “deceased” or by showing the years of the member’s birth and death.

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