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The registration renewal period for firms runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. Outlined below is key information you should be aware of as you prepare to renew your registration.

 Professional Architectural Corporations:

The Professional Architectural Corporation law (R.S. 12:1086-1101) establishes owner and director requirements for registration with the Board. The online application has been designed to validate that your firm meets these requirements. Please be sure to have information regarding the number of shares authorized for your firm, the total number of shares that have been issued, and total number of shares owned by Louisiana licensed architects.

Architectural Engineering Corporations and Architectural Firms

The Board rules for Architectural Engineering Corporations and Architectural Firms require you to designate one or more Supervising Professional Architect(s). A Supervising architect is responsible for performing or directly supervising the performance of all architectural services provided by the firm. This means unrestricted, unchecked, and unqualified command of, and legal accountability for, the architectural services performed. Specifications, drawing, or other related documents will be deemed to have been prepared by the architect or under the architect’s direct supervision only when the requirements of Board Rules have been satisfied. Only individuals who are licensed by the Board and full-time active employees of the firm and whose primary occupation is with the firm may be designated as a supervising professional architect.

 Limited Liability Companies

In 2017, the LSBAE rules were updated to reflect a new structure for types of firms registering with the Board. As a result, we are no longer issuing Limited Liability Company licenses and will transition your existing LL license to an Architectural Firm license. Instead of completing a renewal application for your LL license, you will be directed to complete an application for an Architectural Firm license. It is important to understand that there are no changes to the information you will be required to provide during the renewal process. Please note that you will receive a new license number effective with this renewal.

Renewal applications must be submitted with payment by June 30th or completed paper forms and payment must be postmarked by June 30. Applications not postmarked on or before June 30th will be assessed a delinquent fee equal to the renewal fee of $75 (in-state) or $150 (out-of-state) will be assessed in addition to the regular renewal fee for a total of $150 (in-state) or $300 (out-of-state) respectively.

Renewal applications delinquent more than 90 days may also be subject to fines in addition to the delinquent fees.